Secure Hotel – Covid 19


Dear Guest, Hotel Villa Sofia will soon reopen its doors to welcome you.

We will be there for you with great sense of responsibility, attention and care to protect the health of you and of our staff who will dedicate themselves to your stay.

The health crisis caused by Covid led us into a difficult situation we would never have imagined before. The modalities the government will impose are a little different from the standards you are used to, but surely one thing will not change: our commitment to make you live your holiday in the best way.

We have prepared an operating manual, in compliance with the protocols released by the health authorities, with new health and safety measures in order to face this difficult period together and to guarantee a stay as "COVID-FREE" as possible but above all to give you one more REASON TO VISIT and choose beautiful Lake Garda and our friendliness for your holiday.

We wait for you.

Access to the hotel

When entering the hotel, body temperature measurement may be required; if it exceeds 37.5°C, access to the building will NOT be allowed.

It is mandatory to respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter in common areas and in the lift. Interpersonal distancing does not apply to members of the same family group or cohabitants, nor to people who occupy the same room and for those accompanying children under 6 years or disabled people.

Guests have to wear masks in closed common areas, including elevators. In outdoor common areas, the mask must be worn when the distance of at least 1 meter cannot be respected. In common outdoor areas, the mask must be worn, except when seated at least 1 meter away from other persons.

To avoid staying at the reception as much as possible guests will be asked to send the personal data of all people who will be staying in the hotel within one day before arrival. When you arrive at the hotel, you will receive the key to the room and all necessary information for your stay in the hotel and the area.


There are important news, in compliance with the health indications and the protection of all our Guests and collaborators, dedicated to breakfast and catering in general:

  • - unfortunately the traditional buffet will no longer be allowed. Therefore you will find an alternative formula that will still offer a good choice of products;
  • - all tables will be positioned at a safe distance and each person must respect the distance of 1 meter, even at their own table;
  • - since we have to guarantee a certain distance between the tables and the customers and given the spaces available, it is very likely that on busy days the breakfast service will be organized on reservation and therefore respecting certain times;
  • - the staff will be wearing masks and will change them according to the health protocol.
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    Swimming pool and Jacuzzi

    At the pool a distance of 1.5 m between sunbeds has to be observed. Access to the water will be allowed to a limited number of persons (max 7/8 simultaneously).

    Given the spaces available, it will be very likely that the use of the swimming pool and sun loungers will be managed prior reservation.

    The hygiene safety rules for the swimming pool request a thorough full-body shower with soap before entering the pool. It is forbidden to spit, blow your nose, urinate in water. Babies have to wear diapers.

    Sunbeds, tables and umbrellas will be disinfected at every change of person or family.

    The Jacuzzi will be for exclusive use of one person only (except for members of the same family or cohabiting partners or persons who occupy the same room). Reservation is requested.

    Our commitment to cleanliness

    Hygiene and cleanliness standards have always been very important to us and we are implementing further measures to ensure a guarantee of disinfection for the safety of our Guests and our employees.

    Health, safety and employee training: health, safety and training of our employees are essential for an effective cleaning plan. Here are some of the supportive actions that we offer our staff:

    • Hand hygiene: correct and frequent hand washing, even with the help of disinfectant gels, is a gesture of primary importance to combat the spread of viruses and at the same time guarantees the health of our staff and of our Guests.
    • Constant training: in addition to training on hygiene protocols, hotel employees are also receiving constant communications related to COVID-19.

    Cleaning protocol:

    • Cleaning products: the traditional cleaning products envisaged by the national health protocols have been implemented with medical products for disinfection.
    • Rooms: in addition to traditional cleaning, after departure and before the arrival of the new guests, the room will be completely disinfected, paying particular attention to objects that are touched more frequently.
    • Common spaces: access to the hotel will be allowed only after measuring the body temperature at the entrance. The use of air conditioning in the common areas will be limited to particular circumstances but fortunately the conformation of the building allows a good exchange of air. The frequency of cleaning of the common areas has been increased, focusing on the disinfection of objects and places of high contact and attendance, such as the reception desk, lifts and lift buttons, door handles, room keys etc. In each common area there will be hand sanitizer gel dispensers; entry/exit and staircase ascent/descent have been set up within the building in order to maintain an adequate distance between guests.
    • Areas closed to the public: In spaces occupied only by employees, the frequency of cleaning has been increased, paying particular attention to the disinfection of the most frequented places, such as staff entrance, changing rooms, laundry, office and catering areas.

Garda Lake

The Luxury hotel Villa Sofia on Lake Garda is an oasis of peace where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the park and relax near the splendid swimming pool. The hotel offers an efficient bar service with delicious snacks and drinks and a light lunch menu with tasty dishes that can be enjoyed by the pool.

In case you need a boat parking, a buoy is available at 700 m distance right in front of the Hotel Savoy Palace at a cost of € 15.00 per day.

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